Slimming World and sore feet!

The new contents of my fridge!

The new contents of my fridge!

My first ever post. How exciting. I think we will leave the deep and meaningful and emotional stuff till tomorrow as it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow. Instead we shall just start with a brief description of the beginning of my weight loss journey!

At 11:53pm yesterday I was sat on my kitchen floor in front of the fridge. Why? Because I was trying to eat all the nice food in there before it was lost to me forever. Honestly. I was holding a teaspoon in one hand and a Cadburys yogurt in the other. I couldn’t just leave them in there and I didn’t have the heart to throw them away, clearly devouring them was the only option. You see, this was my final treat before today. Today was my first day on the Slimming World program which has put an end to Cadburys yogurts! For those of you aren’t familiar with this program, I shall provide a super short explanation.

There are 3 categories of food:

  1. Free Food – What you are suppose to eat the most of eg. fruits, vegetables, meat
  2. Healthy Extras A & B – You pick one from each. Healthy extra A is dairy based eg. milk and cheese. Healthy extra B is fibre based eg. bread and cereal.
  3. Syns – The food you really want to eat but aren’t supposed to eat much of eg. cadburys yogurts, chocolate, birds eye southern fried chicken.

It’s a lots simpler than weight watchers in that you don’t have to track anything, it’s weird though not having any kind of structure and having to rely on myself. Personal responsibility is never fun!

As a consequence to having to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, today I was in the kitchen making lots of fresh food that I can now stick in the freezer for dinner throughout the week. I have made:

  • 7 portions of butternut squash, sweet potato and potato mash
  • 9 portions of parsnip, carrot, swede and potato mash
  • 4 portions of cottage pie
  • 4 portions of chicken curry
  • 4 portions of diet coke chicken

Seriously. My feet hurt. I also broke my potato ricer as it turns out that butternut squash does not like going through the ricer and will bend it. On the bright side, it all seems like it’s going to be pretty tasty and to be honest I really don’t mind cooking, I actually quite like it. At some point I will probably post recipes for some of the things I make, the tasty things anyway, I’m sure at some point I will make something that looks and smells like dog food.

So, overall it’s been a good day. I haven’t succumbed to anything I shouldn’t and dinner (diet coke chicken) was pretty good. Just another 621 days to go. Yey.

Much love,


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