Visualize you: I’d rather not!


So  yesterday I was on the train home and reading the news app on my phone when one of the articles caught my eye!

Apparently, some people had managed to design a clever app called “Visualize you” where you could add in a photo of yourself and it would work out how you would look once you had achieved your goal weight. The picture above is the result. 

Frankly, I look terrifying! Whilst there is nothing wrong with the creepy child eating alien look (there might be actually!) Im not convinced it’s for me!

The worrying thing is that I tried again with a photo I took yesterday for this purpose and that was only marginally better. I still looked liked an alien. 

If I end up looking like that I will have to start eating again.

Here’s the original for comparison! 

Much love,



  1 comment for “Visualize you: I’d rather not!

  1. April 8, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    Your face will look smaller, but in no way like the first picture.
    You are beautiful.


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