Still no goals! 


So I have been thinking about goals to set myself. I never thought of myself as being a particularly unimaginative person but my failure in this area is forcing me to reconsider. 

The issue is that I want to pick goals that are for me. If I start saying “when I get to x weight Dan and I are going away” then I’m including him in the saga and it’s hardly fair to deny him a holiday because I can’t resist a cupcake. 

I don’t want goals that are financially motivated either. If I start rewarding myself with cash prizes or bags for resisting the cupcakes (I have a real thing for bags!) it’s not so much motivation as it is a bribe!

Obviously I have an ultimate weight loss goal and I have a long term motivator, I just feel like if it’s going to take 2 years I want to break it down into some milestones. Not just weight milestones either – I want a reward along with those weight milestones to look forward to, but what?! 

I shall continue to ponder this. In the mean time, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Much love,


  2 comments for “Still no goals! 

  1. melanie
    April 18, 2015 at 1:10 am

    My goals used to be always linked to food, ie lose 10lb and have chocolate. Then I didn’t lose weight, had the chocolate anyway, got frustrated, ate more and it started again!! The SW people online suggest things like a new lipstick, treating yourself to a manicure etc..I have hung up a pair of trousers that I want to get back into and every few weeks I plan on trying them on. Have you got a favorite outfit you can’t get into but want to as that’s a good goal!


  2. Jo
    April 20, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    I like the trouser plan – I think I might have to adapt it though to tops. I’m not so bothered about the trousers as I live in smart black trousers and jeans.

    The joys of office work!


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