My cross-trainer has broken me!

Carole – meet everyone. Everyone – meet Carole.

Carole is the pet name for my Cross Trainer – she is named after Carole from The Walking Dead because she is a badass and doesn’t take any sh*t! Originally she was going to be named after Carl, so that I could come home and ask my partner “Where’s Carl?!” (yes, I know I am a nerd!); however, Carl is annoying and whiny and so now we have Carole the Cross Trainer.

Carole arrived on Friday. The other half was going to help me assemble her Friday night but it ended up being Saturday instead. Lame. Anyway, we eventually got her up and so Saturday night was my first go on her.

It was hell. I have realised that I am about as fit as… well… nothing. I am the most unfit thing on the planet! I have this app (I smell another review post!) called ‘Beatburn Elliptical’, where a pre-recorded trainer guides you through a work out. I chose the Beginners 30 minute work out for my first attempt which was perhaps a tad ambitious. I just made it through the warm up and finished a small part of the main work out but then I had to stop – I was shattered and starting to feel a bit dizzy. I lasted 20 minutes in total but resolved to try again on Sunday.

Sunday night came and I decided I would try a different approach… I selected the Beginners 15 minute workout. This went much better. The premise is based around interval work so it’s not like I did nothing – however the pace felt much better to me and I was able to keep up with everything but the 75rpm (Rotations Per Minute) bit which was just too fast for me. I tried to get there but I couldnt quite reach it. By the end of the workout I was sweaty, achey but feeling pretty good about myself.  I had also achieved 4km in 17 minutes, an extra 1km on Saturdays attempt.

Then came Monday. Wow. The aching. My back hurts. My thighs hurt. My arms hurt. People tell me I probably have ‘Delayed onset muscle fatigue”. Apparently this is a good thing as it shows I did a good job at working out. Also, the best cure is to repeat the activity, which means that tonight I shall once again be riding Carole.

Maybe naming the machine was a bad plan…

Much love,




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