Measuring Tape and Me


Morning and greetings from the train. I think I may have to start another blog titled “South Eastern: the most useless and incompetent rail network since the dawn of time”. Once again my train was late and once again I’m getting rubbed on by strangers. At least it’s early morning though so no one smells too bad… Yet! Anyway, back to weight loss!

So last night I did my usual thing of standing on the scales after dinner and being depressed at my weight gain. Logically I understand that I am obviously going to weigh more having just eaten a ton of gammon – that being said, I still step on those scales and end up feeling depressed! The other half will now be hiding the scales.
This got me thinking, should I retry using the measuring tape? Just because the scales are not moving does not mean the inches are not disappearing! 

I tried using measuring tape before. My issue? I can never measure the same place twice! I am wonky. Im sure that’s the issue! The tape measure never goes straight around the middle, it’s always at an angle and the angle shifts (as does where I place the tape measure). I was gaining and losing inches every week around my middle and my thighs. 

The other, and perhaps more reliable option, would be clothes – something my sister suggested. You can’t put clothes on the wrong place, the arm holes and leg holes will always be in the same place and they will always fit onto the same place. I can’t go wrong with clothes. 

I shall continue to give the matter some thought. 

Much love,



  1 comment for “Measuring Tape and Me

  1. Tickateeboo
    May 17, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    You should definitely do the measurements. It really keeps your spirits up if you do it, day, once a month and juts see the difference, which is sometimes what you need when you don’t see a difference in the mirror. I did my waist, top of thigh (the very top, so always in the same place), calf and top of arm (I must admit the last one is a bit tricky!!). Also, try taking some before pics, you’ll regret it if you don’t once you get down to 12 stone and you can show off your achievement!


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