Review: lolo elliptical (aka Beatburn)

Left to my own devices, I would probably not push myself that hard on Carole. I’m not good at pushing myself, I need someone telling me how to do it and for how long. I need instruction. 

Given you can now find an app for most thing on the iTunes App Store, I thought I should look there first. That is where I found ‘lolo elliptical‘. 

The concept behind the app is pretty simple, it creates a workout for you and a trainers voice guides you through it. There are different options for workout duration and difficulty – you can also adjust difficulty mid-workout if you feel like you can go harder. For me as a beginner, it’s been awesome! I’ve felt like I can do it but I have also had to push myself pretty hard at times! 

Then we come to the special part. You can sync your own music with the app! I know! How cool is that?! So the underlying idea with this app is that it adjusts your music match the beat you should be working out in. AND, it does so without affecting the pitch of the song so you don’t end up with a song that sounds like it’s being sung by the chipmunks! This for me is the best bit. It’s this that encourages me to push myself so that I am working out to the beat of the music. I don’t have to question whether I’m going fast enough or anything like that – I just sync my strides with the music and adjust the resistance on Carole as the trainer tells me too. 

To be honest, I have nothing bad to say about this app. I like it so much I downloaded the treadmill/walking one to push me on my walk to and from work. They also do a cycling one which my friend shall be trying soon (if she ever manages to shift her ass off the sofa and on to the bike!). 

So to summarise, if you’re looking for an exercise app – I would definitely recommend this one! 

Much love,


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