The unexplained absence! 

I’m a spy. No? Fine. 

So sorry for the absence, rest assured I am still here and staying on track! Last week I had an assignment to write for my English degree so studying took up my life. I am pleased to report that said assignment was handed in yesterday so I’m back to my carefree existence. I do still have a 3000 word essay to complete for my end of module test but I’ll be worrying about that later. 

Then of course we had the bank holiday. I love bank holidays. I love not having to go to work! Whilst on balance I do enjoy my job (as a spy!), there are times I very much hate it – but then I suppose at times we all hate our jobs! This bank holiday we went shopping and I treated myself to a Big Mac. I say treat. We were headed out later than planned and McDonald’s was easy. I didn’t have any chips beyond the ones I stole from Dan so no lasting damage methinks. 

Last night I put in some time with Carole. Carole has developed a squeak, I’m not sure why this is but at some point in going to have to take the her apart and oil her up. Fun for Carole. Not so much fun for me. 

What else have I been upto…? 

I ordered a LOT of new yoga goodies. I have got really in to yoga and felt that it was time to commit! I bought a new mat, some yoga blocks, a resistance belt and some gloves to stop my hands sliding down the mat! I shall be trying it all out tonight – hoorah! My last yoga session left me aching for 2 days. It was worse than Carole! Hopefully tonight will not be so painful! 

I think that about covers it! 

Much love,


  1 comment for “The unexplained absence! 

  1. May 5, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    Yoga is such a fabulous addition to working out 🙂


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