The busy week and hangover from Hell! 

 So from Thursday last week I was so busy!

Thursday was the general election here in the UK. It didn’t go well, the wrong team one! Dan and I stay up on election night to see how things are going, we usually drink margharitas and cheer loudly as the conservatives lose seats. That last part didn’t happen. Sad times. However, there were margaritas, at least one anyway – I don’t know how many syns it was but it felt like a lot! After one I was done. I hadn’t been feeling that well during the day so taking it easy seemed a good idea! 

Friday we had to prepare for our guests! Dans little sister was coming for dinner with her other half on Saturday and so there was much prepping to do! The house was cleaned from top to bottom (except dusting. I hate dusting) and new bedding was bought and washed. Fun fact. Do not buy the White duvet set with red trim from Sainsburys, it will turn itself pink in the washing machine, along with any towels, sheets or pillowcases you put in there with it. 

Saturday the guests arrived! I had a really lovely time, even though Dans incompetence lost us Rapidough! The food was tasty (from what I can recall) but the issue was with the drink. I consumed 2 ciders, a bottle of red wine, a glass of dessert wine and around half a litre of mudslides. A mudslide batch for 2 is supposed to consist of 4 scoops of ice cream; chocolate and vanilla, vodka, kahlua, and Baileys. We were drunk. I don’t know how much of the alcohol went in but 1 full tub of chocolate ice cream and 1 full tub of vanilla ice cream went in with it! I think it was pretty tasty! I know I drank too much – in my 27 years I can only recall 2 other occasions where I let myself get as drunk as I did in Saturday! Then came bed time. I managed to throw up all over myself and my bed. This ladies and gentleman was not my finest hour. Luckily, Dan was not caught in the crossfire – I think he would love me less if he were! Whilst this was a terrible thing for my reputation as someone who always gets it in the bowl, I did wonder after if it meant all those alcohol calories were now on my sheets rather than in my belly. I don’t know. 

This brings us to Sunday. Sunday I felt worse than death. It was hell. My head hurt, my throat hurt, I felt nauseous- I was truly miserable! Dan was a star! He cared for me in my time of need and made me a special Slimming World breakfast that was both stodgy and low syns value! For dinner, we decided to treat ourselves and order Indian. I was so restrained. Whereas usually I get bread and a starter – I just got a biriyani. Go me! I only ate half, I have the other half for lunch at work today. If I ever make it to work. Stupid train. 

So that was my week! This Thursday my bestie is coming from Swindon to stay till Sunday so another busy few days, I’m just so pleased it means I only have a 3 day work week. Thank the Lord. 

Much love,


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