Weigh Day: -3



So this week I was expecting an absolute car crash! Considering that on Saturday I consumer what felt like my own body weight in alcohol – I can barely believe that I managed to lose any weight at all!!!! This takes me to 1lb away from being into the 21st bracket! I am very excited for this!

Apart from Saturday, I have been good throughout the week – my best friend came up on Thursday and I thought if anything was going to derail me then that would be it, when we get together there is a tendency to binge eat chocolate and the creations of our two best friends: Ben and Jerry!

That being said, the ice cream remained firmly in the freezer and I forced all my slimming world food into her – I think she liked it. She said she did. I don’t think she would lie to me… I do know where she lives after all!!

So all in all, it’s been a good week! This week should be nice and easy, two weeks of visitors has seen me neglect Carol so I’m going to be chilling with her again this week, as well as getting back to fat people yoga.

That’s about it!

Much love,




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