Weigh Day: -3


This weekend has been extremely successful!! Not only have I managed to lose another 3lbs, bringing me well back into the ’21’ bracket and I have officially finished my OU course and I’m now study free till October when it starts all over again! I now have nothing to do in my evenings but hang out with Carole and cook tea – I am very happy about this!! Admittedly, following weigh day yesterday I have been a little bad since. I’m blaming it on the stress of trying to write 3000 words in 2 days – I don’t think it’s anything likely to screw me over, just some Doritos, ginger biscuits and 2 glasses of wine. I’m relatively confident if I’m good from now till Saturday it’s not going to make to much difference. I hope these are not famous last words!!

The other plus side is that I can re dedicate myself to the blog! I have been neglecting it of late under the business of my life – now things should go back to being boring! Hoorah!

Much love,


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