Is a coat really too much to ask for?! 

 I hate this time of year for one reason. I always end up getting soaking wet. It really pisses me off. It’s not the weather, well obviously to some extent it is the weather as rain is the culprit – however the real issue is my lack of coat!

For the past 5 years. Yes. 5. I have been on the hunt for a coat. Not just any coat, a summer coat! I have a winter coat – it’s 3 inches thick and would probably keep me warm in the Arctic if I were naked – but it’s useless to me now!

The trouble with the British weather is that just because it’s raining doesn’t mean it’s cold, and just because it’s chilly doesn’t mean it’s freezing! It’s that annoying weather where you freeze (and get wet!) in just a cardigan but boil alive (whilst remaining dry) in a winter coat.

Every year I make a monthly pilgrimage to Evans and Yours in my quest for a coat. I don’t want anything too fancy, just something lightweight and shower proof. I made the May pilgrimage last week. In Yours they had no coats. None. In Evans they had several coats; however, although I am in no way fashionable, I draw the line at animal skin. I will not be the woman in the leopard print anorak. Nor will I be the woman in the pink and grey camouflage anorak. I also will not be the woman in the “stone” coloured trench coat who ends up resembling an actual giant stone. Think boulder. 

In my desperation for a coat, I took my search online. What did I discover? That if I’m slim, I can get a nice normal coat. No leopard print. No Boulder impression. Just a coat. 

I shall now be adding “to avoid getting soaked” to my list of reasons to lose weight!

Much love,


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