Yes. I know I’m fat. I’m not blind!

 So. Fat shaming. When you’re out in public and someone feels the need to make a comment about your weight. To be honest, this isn’t something I have had much experience of – I can only recall two occassions where this happened to me. 

The first one, I was on the DLR coming home from work. On the carriage were two teenage girls, I would guess around 15-16. Both had their hair scraped back into a pony tail, both had gold hoop earrings and both were wearing leggings and tops that were a good few sizes to small. Yes ladies and gentleman, they were chavs. Grade A chavs. In my usual fashion on public transport, I found a corner to stand in and got out my phone to play some Tetris! One of them then starts saying something the lines of, oh look at her – bet she weighs like 28st. So I smiled. How nice of them to notice me. The other chav laughed and you know, I can’t even remember what she said. They then turn to themselves and start talking about who they think they most resemble – one of them says she thinks she looks like Beyoncé. That would have been like saying that a foot looks like a piece of pizza. No it don’t. I of course start laughing as its very funny and say something like “Beyoncé?! More like Susan Boyle” (apologies to Susan Boyle). I felt better. They looked so stunned that I’d even had the audacity to say anything. I call that winning. 

The second time came yesterday. Again, I was walking home from work and this time on the phone to my friend. As I walked along, a car driving behind me beeped the horn and yelled “fat” out the window. Fat. Wow. Someone get the moisturiser for I have been burned (that was heavy sarcasm in case you missed it). I know I’m fat. I have a blog acknowledging Im fat. The very nature of being fat is that I cannot help but notice I am fat! At first I thought of yelling back “thank you for telling me, I had no idea!” And then I thought of flipping the bird. However, I didn’t even break my stride. Why should I?! I don’t know who these people are and more importantly I don’t care what they think. I have a good job, I live in a nice house and I’m engaged to a lovely man. My life is good. Why would I allow the comments of men I don’t know to get to me? Their opinion doesn’t matter. On a general note, what kind of twat yells out of a car window then speeds off? I will tell you. A twat who is also a pussy! A twat who is scared that if they stop you will confront them. Be brave. Fuck em. 

So. My reason for writing this is that if it happens to me it probably happens to other people. I wanted to let these people know that it’s okay. You may be fat. That’s okay too. These aren’t people you know. These aren’t people whose opinion of you matters. These are pond life. The dregs of society. You are better than them. If that thought doesn’t appeal to you and you want revenge? Simple. Punch the fuckers in the face. Remember: don’t get mad, great weaponry. Nothing says “I Hate You” like a tank. 

Much love,


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