Weigh Day: -1

So I have decided I need to re-dedicate myself fully to the plan! I have been ‘testing the boundaries’ with food and weight loss and I feel I have crossed the line given I would like to be losing 2lbs a week rather than 1!

Yesterweek consisted of several Jammy dodgers, a few packets of doritoes and quite a lot of chorizo! I’m aware I can eat these things and still lose weight, but I accept I need to cut them if I want to lose my 2lb a week goal. 
This week has not exactly got off to a flying start, but it’s been a better start than last week (not including the home made onion bhajis my friend from work brought in for me that I demolished in one go. They were that good!). 

So that’s about it in my world! Still going the right direction and no pizza in sight! 

Much love,


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