Why I will not be attending the pity party! 

  Sometimes, fat people really annoy me. I’m now going to dispense my own form of tough love. 

First, some background. 

There was a women on TV talking about how hard it is to be fat. I get that she’s overweight and I appreciate that being overweight sucks. I have first hand experience of this. I genuinely get it. What frustrated me however, was her complete lack of personal responsibility for her own weight and dietary habits! I know it sounds harsh and maybe I should be more understanding, I just feel that if you couldn’t even be bothered to help yourself then why should I care? 

When she was talking about what she ate in a week, she listed several takeaways and several litres of full fat coke! How hard can it be to switch to Diet Coke?

Had this women tried to lose the weight and kept falling of the wagon then of course I would be sympathetic. It’s not like I’ve not been there several times myself! Instead, her attitude was “well I know I’m fat but I can’t do anything about it because I’m just fat and that’s how it is”. No. No that’s not how it is. You could try to do something about it but instead you choose to do nothing. You’re complaining about the fact you’re seriously overweight and yet have so far made zero effort to make even the slightest change. Seriously. She actually said she had never tried to diet because it looked like too much effort. 

Now some tough love!

Change is hard. I know that. The first step towards dieting like many things is acceptance. Accepting that your dietary habits are probably quite shit and you need to be better! 

Acceptance is hard! No one likes admitting their short comings. No one likes hard truths. Personally, I went through my own stage of denial where I was like “I’m fine how I am” but I know that’s not true. The health implications of my weight are huge – I know this. Doesn’t mean I enjoyed accepting it. 

What frustrated me with this woman was that she had accepted that she needed to make changes and acknowledged her dietary habits would likely kill her if she did nothing – but then simply refused to make any because she thought it was too hard. 

Take some responsibility for yourself. Accept that you need to make changes and make them. There are plenty of programs out there which provide structure and support. Pick one. Any one. Try! 

If she had just tried once, just once or at least shown that she was willing to try I would have been fine with it! The first step has to start somewhere. But no. She instead comes on TV and starts complaining about how hard it is to be fat and how there’s no support available to her. I have no time for this. 

Sometimes, the only way to help is tough love – I genuinely believe that. Sometimes I wonder if I could have avoided the weight I am now if someone had just said to me “you should probably look at losing some weight!”. Obviously I’m not blaming anyone, no one made me eat the pizzas, the curries and the kebabs – but I wonder if things would be different for me now. So yes. Maybe my post does seem harsh – I consider it tough love; after all, if this woman doesn’t change she will probably die. Fact.

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