Weigh Day: Who Knows?

470034-question-markSo on Friday the other half and I spent 3 hours driving down to Swindon. Fun times! The M25 was chaos so we came off that and ended up driving down some pretty windy country lanes on our quest to make it back to Swindon. Having finally arrived at my sisters house, I have a lovely evening playing with the kids – and ordered a chicken kebab (and treated myself to some onion rings!). Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Saturday morning, I woke up at my usual weigh time and went off to borrow my dads scales so I could weigh in at my usual time. My dads scales are tiny. If I hadn’t have known better I would have thought they were kitchen scales! I have size 9/10 feet, and my feet couldn’t actually fit properly on the scales, I had to balance myself in order to stay on them.

The first reading told me I had gained a stone. I was not pleased. I tried again. On the second attempt I had gained a pound. This sounded more realistic given the kebab the night before. I tried again. This time I had lost a pound. So…. I have no idea what I actually weigh.

Food wise, for the rest of the weekend I don’t think it was too bad. Saturday night I had sausages and mash with lemon cheesecake – Sunday I had a roast dinner. I didn’t gorge myself on chocolates and other bad food – but I need to eat exceptionally well this week in order to avoid a gain or at the very least drop any weight I did gain over the weekend!

Lettuce is the way forward!

Much love,


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