Weigh Day: -3

 So this post is super late! Why? Busy! My morning train posting time has been taken up by doing other things. Like wedding planning! So, minus 3lb. Good going. I’m pleased to be back in the 20’s, this is around where I got to on the one time I did really well with Weight Watchers so we shall soon be in uncharted territory! 

Slimming world have this ‘weight loss planner’ on the website which I’m obsessed with! It’s like a prediction line of where you should be of you keep averaging 2lbs a week. Every time I start to get a bit ‘meh’ about new fat club, I take a look at where I could be by certain milestones. Like the oh birthday (October – 19st) and my birthday (December – 18st). It tells me I should reach my goal by Septemver next year which at the moment doesn’t seem too far away. Soooo I shall keep going. At the weekend I’m making pizzadillas which should be nice!

Much love,


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