Shedding for the Wedding

So. Turns out there is someone out there who would like to stick with me forever. His name is Dan and I question his sanity! It’s not that I think I’m a bad catch – obviously Dan is lucky to have me because I’m amazing; but I know that at times I can be a right nightmare! 

We’ve been engaged for 3 years now I think which is much longer than I wanted to be, trouble is we’re both pretty hopeless at savings! That being said, we are now stashing our savings where we can’t get at them so we’re not going to spend it in a moment of weakness! Go us. 

So wedding is looking like next year, at least that’s what we are hoping for. October to be precise. Not to hot, not too cold and I don’t mind the rain. The wedding is inside so it’s not really going to matter! Photos will be a pain but we shall think of something! 

So… This means I now have a timetable for my weight loss! My healthy weight is 12st. Personally, I do not see this happening! I may be fat but my hips are naturally wide as are my shoulders – and my boobs are like 1st each, as is my head which is also quite big. I learnt that from trying on hats. Anyway, my point is that I’m always going to be a big girl. My realistic target is 14st. 

According to the Slimming World weight loss planner, if I continue to average 2lbs a week, I shall make 14st in June 2016. This makes me happy as that would mean I will be soooo much slimmer for my wedding! That’s also enough time for me to go get a wedding dress with my new slimmed down figure! Hoorah! 

I suppose the wedding is actually the motivation I need to keep me on the straight and narrow. I want to get married and I want wedding photos I like looking at – if I’m looking like a meringue that’s never going to happen!

Much love,


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