Weigh Day: -4

  So, I have failed at writing this on time! Why? Well my day was down at the weekend so after that I was shattered, then we had all kinds of wedding drama so once again, I was shattered! So, apologies if you were sat anxiously by your PC, obsessively hitting the refresh button yelling “WHY HASNT SHE POSTED YET?!?!”.

Last week was obviously a good week for me. I seem to be going through a cycle of: tiny loss, massive loss, tiny loss, massive loss etc. it’s annoying! I would much rather be consistent! 

That being said, I’m not expecting a whole lot to come off this week. Although I was relatively good over the weekend, there was a lot of wine and some splurging on things – like adding meat fat to the gravy! 

Even so, if I can shift another 2lbs, that will make it 3 stone 🙂 that will be the most weight I have ever loss as a consequence of a concerted effoft! I’m very happy about this! Now my wedding date has been set (separate post), I have a deadline! I find I work well to a deadline! I’m going to ramp up the toning I do (from 0 to some!), and really focus on what I’m putting into my body! The key is that no one forces me to eat anything, it’s always a choice and I can always say no! Like yesterday when this horrible person I work with, really terrible human being (Hi Taylor!) tried to tempt me with cake! I politely declined. The next thing I know she is yelling at me that I’m not allowed to eat the cake! Admittedly, that is her job! She is there to keep me on the straight and narrow. 

So, this week. Well as its so late I can report that I’m doing fine! I recently discovered halloumi which is my new favourite thing. I’m sticking within my limits and feeling fine! Roll on weigh day – which given last weeks big loss will probably be nothing! 

Much love,


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