Weigh Day: -1

To be honest, I think it’s a minor miracle I lost anything this week! Without going into the gory detail, last week was that week of the month where I wished I was a man! It was hell! I spent every waking moment torn between stuffing my face with sugar or hunched over with a hot water bottle! I was bloated, sore and generally quite miserable. I was convinced the scales would either stay the same or shoot up. You can only imagine my surprise when they dropped. Hoorah! 

I wasn’t very good at the weekend though – a full day tidying on Saturday led to a chicken kebab for dinner (1,000,000 syns on garlic mayo!) and a McDonald’s hamburger for lunch on Sunday. That being said, I reckon if I’m extremely good for the rest of the week I shall be fine; I have planned my meals so they’re all syn free and the only snack stuff currently in the house is fruit. It would be amazing to drop into the 19s this week but I think that might be a tad ambitious. To be honest, I’m a little nervous about getting there. I think the last time I would have been around 19 stone was probably when I was actually 19. I think I’m nervous because I still don’t see a change in my appearance – to me I look the same as I did +3st ago. I know that’s not the case of course, I know I have dropped a size but to me I still look the same in the mirror. I worry that I will be 14st and still wearing size 24-26. That would suck! 

I read somewhere that when you start losing weight, you need to drop quite a lot before you start to drop dress sizes, but then you hit a point where it all starts to happen quite quickly and not much weight loss equals lots of dress sizes. I am looking forward to that.

I find it much easier to relate to size as oppose to weight. For me, I would like to end up a size 14 (UK). I’m 5’11 with size 9 (UK) feet – I’m never going to be petite, so I think a size 14 would look good. That’s the size I want to be for when I start my wedding dress shopping next April (more on that later!).

Anyway, this has been rather long for a weigh day post so I’m going now! I shall blog more soon – I have a wedding and an exercise ball I want to talk about!

Much love,


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