Me and my ball!

So I have a friend. A fat friend. I love her very much! She’s trying to lose weight as well, so we’ve been spending a lot of time discussing weight loss DVDs, food and just general diet stuff. She mentioned that recently she had ordered one of those exercise ball things with a DVD. I was interested in this. I didn’t know huge amounts about exercise balls, but I’d seen them around and wondered if they were any good. After chatting with my buddy for a while I took the plunge and ordered one of my own! 

This was two weeks ago. 

To go along with my ball, I ordered a 10 minute solutions DVD which mainly focuses on using it for toning. The DVD has 5 x 10 minute workouts:

  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body
  • Core
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio

I haven’t tried the cardio (I have Carole for that!) or the flexibility one, but I’m now pretty familiar with the other 3.

The Core workout is awesome! I’ve had some issues with toning DVDs in the past which have always ended with me pulling something. In this one, you do a lot of sit-ups, but as the ball is under your back they are a lot easier to do and you’re fully supported. I really struggle with sit-ups usually, but on my ball it’s not an issue – the issue is that I can really feel it in my muscles and there comes a point where I just have to stop for a second or two. I like that I can feel my muscles working, it reassures me that they are definitely there!

The arm workout is also really good, although the ball has little to do with it. Effectively, you just sit on the ball and do stuff with your arms. I started on my 0.5kg weights but quickly ditched them as they weren’t much of a challenge. I then did a week with my 1kg weights but again – didn’t feel like much of a challenge. Today I used my 2.5kg weights. They are what I shall be using from now on. They really made it challenging and afterwards I could feel my arms aching! 

The leg workout is hell. I hate it. It hurts. It starts off deceptively easy and then quickly becomes torture when you transition on to the floor. You can definitely feel your muscles working down there – I hate it. As I lie on my bed writing this, I can still feel my muscles aching!

So all in all, I would highly recommend it, especially if you’re a complete novice! I feel like some of the exercises I do with the ball, like the sit-ups, are much easier to do given my size and level of fitness, but still challenging enough that I ache by the end of it. 

Anyway! It’s late and I need a shower!

Much love


  1 comment for “Me and my ball!

  1. August 11, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    That’s great that it’s working for you. I use the ball a lot and I also use it with some of my clients. It has many uses and for me, I have really bad back pain so doing sit ups on the ball feels a million times better.

    And if you’re like me, you will always hate leg workouts. =) I think they’re the worse and it’s the one area I need to work on the most. It’s great you have a friend to share this journey with and I wish you both the strength and perseverance to keep going.


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