Weigh Day: -3

I’m officially back into the teens! Get in! I can’t remember the last time I was here, but I think it probably was when I was a teenager! I’m very happy to be here – still think I look the same but I definitely need to buy some new clothes, so I suppose I must look a little different! I went through my wardrobe today with my friend, chucking out the stuff that looks too big and doesn’t suit, a lot of it is a bit too big but liveable with so I’m keeping it for now; I don’t see the point in buying loads of stuff I will hopefully have to replace in a few more months. 

I had bit of a weird moment earlier when I prodded myself in the stomach to assess how squishy I was – I came into contact with something hard. I *think* I might actually be developing some real muscles – either that or I have some kind of medical problem! Obviously you can’t see them – they’re still covered under all the flab but I’m pretty confident they are developing! It’s all part of my war on loose skin. So far, I can’t see any – that makes me happy. The lower I can get without seeing any the better! I’m going to end up with some, I know that – I’m just hoping it won’t be loads. Not that I can do any more about it than I am, I’m drinking lots of water and toning up my muscles – the rest is down to luck! If all else fails and I do end up looking like a flying squirrel, at least I can hide it all in a body suit! 

This week promises to be another easy week (she says!). I don’t have anything planned likely to set me off and all my meals are planned out. I have really dedicated myself now and I think the results are evident. The best thing about this diet though is the lack of deprivation. With Weight Watchers, it was always a case of balancing what I wanted with what I had the points for. With Slimming World, although it’s been harder in the sense of finding the time and energy to cook, it’s been easier to go without things. I don’t know why this is, maybe it’s a mental thing. I’m not going to over analyse it, as long as it’s working what does it matter?! 

Well that’s all from me, I have dinner in the oven so I need to go and sort it! 

Much love,


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