Weigh Day: -1

Well another week and another pound down! It always sucks to have worked at it during the week and only see a pound come off the scales! I know that people say “well at least it’s a loss” and I know that, doesn’t mean I’m not a bit disappointed that it is just 1lb. 

I’m going away at the end of September, and I would really like to be nearer to 18 by then. It’s doable, just need to have a bit more luck on the scales.  It would just be nice to go home and hear some “wow, you’ve lost so much weight – you look really well” as opposed to the more traditional “hello, how are you?”. Last time I went home, I don’t think anyone really noticed – and that was after dropping 2st! Not gonna lie. I wasn’t best pleased. 

Anyway – on to more positive stuff! I went shopping last week to buy some new clothes. Had zero luck in the trouser department, it would seem that fitted black trousers are impossible to come by unless you have a crotch the size of a watermelon! So much extra fabric down there! I did however pick up some nice new tops, nothing fancy of course – but enough to tide me over till I need to go shopping again. It was nice to see that I had officially  dropped a size in both Evans and Yours (yey!), I’m hopeful that by Christmas I will need to go replace my new size 20s with some new size 18s! That will be fun, especially as I’m planning to take my fashion consultant with me (even if she did send me a link to a dress that resembled a potato sack!). 

Exercise is going well, I remain hopeful that there is some muscle developing under the flab. I even decided to reward myself for this exercise and diet dedication by allow chorizo back into my life. For lunch this week, I have made myself a chicken, halloumi and chorizo fajita stew. At least that’s what I’m calling it. It’s not bad actually so that’s my lunch sorted till Wednesday. All in all, things are ticking along quite merrily! 

Much love,


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