Weigh Day: -3


Another week and another 3lbs lost! Hoorah! I remain on track to be nearer 18st by the time I go on holiday at the end of September. My theory, is that the nearer I am to 18st by the time I go, the less damage I’m likely to have to undo. Although I am obviously looking forward to going on holiday, I’m concerned that I’m going to regain all 3 and a half stone I’ve now lost! The food is all inclusive in terms of breakfast lunch and dinner – and when I’ve gone before I have used this to full advantage! For breakfast, a full English fry up with mounds of sausages and bacon! For lunch, whatever is available – chips, curry, chilli etc followed by dessert – a crumble or slab of cake. For dinner, a 3 course meal with another calorific dessert, accompanied by lashings of wine! This is not diet friendly. That being said, I do find that if I have a plan, I find things easier to stick to – so I’m planning now so when I go I’m in the right mindset! All very technical and complicated. And dull. It’s entirely possible I’m overthinking it! 

Back to this week! This week I’m aiming to be just as good as last week, I have a few new recipes to try and I’m treating myself to my favourite sausage casserole recipe. If I can lose another 3lb this week, that would be awesome – though I accept 1-2lbs is much more likely! 

Oh. And. According to fat club I should reach my goal by September 2016, so theoretically – in one more year I shall be 12st. Time will tell. 

Much love,


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