Weigh Day: 0 (and the trip to A&E)

Well last week saw the return of the decorators. Assholes. So really, I’m just pleased I didn’t gain anything! Since weigh day morning though, my week has already been shot to hell!

So Saturday night we had a lazy day and ordered kebabs for dinner, on Sunday we went out and had McDonalds for lunch. Not such a good start but easy enough to recover from. Then shit went really wrong! Sunday night, I’m lying in bed fast asleep and get woken up at 2am by a tummy ache. “That will be the sprouts!” I say to myself and go to get some Deflatine assuming it’s trapped wind. Oh no. Get to 5am and it hurts so much I’m in tears. I can’t sit, I can’t lay down, I can’t stand without being in agony. I keep throwing up, I can’t keep anything down (I mean anything too, not even tiny sips of water!). I’m just a mess. A weepy mess. I call my old doctor (who’s 30min drive away) and score an appointment. We drive there, I feel every bump in my stomach and just clutch my bowl! We get there, kids are screaming. Hell on earth. We see the doctor who thinks it’s either a tummy bug or appendicitis. Joy. She suggests that A&E will be able to tell us whether it is appendicitis or not. So we go to A&E.


Yes. Seven Hours. The NHS has gone to shit. So, seven hours later and we finally see the surgeons. By this time, I’m feeling much better. I no longer feel like my entire stomach is about to explode, just that I have a dull ache in my side. The surgeon says it’s either appendicitis or a ruptured ovarian cyst due to my PCOS. He points out that with appendicitis you don’t get better so quickly, you get worse – and I am undeniably feeling a lot better. I can now lie down without crying!

So I go home, under strict instructions to go back if I start to feel worse. And that folks was my yesterday. In total I ate 6 pieces of shortbread and drank less than 1l of fluid. That was it. Today, I am getting back on plan but sensibly so, I am still rather sore and am defo taking the doctors advice to put my feet up and rest for the next couple of days. This means no exercise! Silver linings and all that…

Also, as I know they read it… I would like to say a special thank you to Daniel for putting up with me yesterday and taking wonderful care of me. I would also like to thank Taylor and my wifey for making me smile by placing bets on which STD they thought I had contracted. Nice one ladies!

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