Weigh Day: -6

So I’m 100% sure that this loss is due to Monday’s appendicitis scare, which ultimately led to minimal food intake on Tuesday and Wednesday. I wish I could say it was the result of hard work on my part but that would be a lie, it’s the result of lying on my sofa for 3 days feeling like death! I am pleased to say though that my stomach is better, which is great as I now have a cold. Joy of joys!

This week I shall be working to restore my weight loss balance. 6lbs in one week this far in is not good, and tbh, I’d be happy not losing anything this week just to stabilise! As part of this plan, I treated myself to an Indian on Saturday night, complete with poppadoms and dip, and some shortbread on Sunday. I also added a little more butter to my sweet potato mash. Oh yeah, I know how to live! 

That’s about it from me, last week was such a disaster that I have nothing else interesting to report – so I think I’m going to call it an early night!

Much love,


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