Back home and back on the wagon!

Well, I’m back from holiday and back on the wagon. Suffice to say, my plan for being good on holiday lasted right up till the first day when I realised there was banoffee pie on offer for pudding after lunch. After that discovery, being good went right out the window! There was wine, cake, cheese and even more wine… I regret nothing! The way I’m looking at it, I was on holiday and had I restrained myself I would not have had as much fun. So, now I am back at home, back to work tomorrow and firmly back on the wagon. I haven’t weighed myself yet officially as I know I’m not going to like what I see (I expect a gain of at least 7lb!), but there is definitely going to be a substantial gain at the weekend. My first gain after 6 months on the plan so I don’t think that’s too bad… Now I just need to work off everything I have put back on and keep pushing. There is now less than a year till my wedding day and I have alot of weight still left to lose if I want to be in the size 14 dress I’m aiming for! Dress shopping is in April, so I reckon if I’m good, I can lose another 3(ish) stone by then which will take me down to 16-17st. Not wonderful granted, but given I’m quite tall I’m hoping that shall be around the size 14 mark. Who knows.

So that’s it from me for today, just a quick post to say “Hello, I’m back now and as predicted it all went wrong!” Will be back around Saturday to reveal how much weight I put back on in wine and cake.

Oh, and it’s that time of the month again so I’m seriously bloated anyway.


No love,


  1 comment for “Back home and back on the wagon!

  1. October 6, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    You can do this. I did. Lost 87 pounds with Gods help.


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