Weigh Day: +4

As much as I hate to argue with the gorgeousness that is Sean Bean, one has simply gained weight – 4lbs to be precise! To be honest though, considering this is the post-holiday fallout, I’ll take it. I am back on the fat wagon which I hope bodes well for this weeks weigh-in, but I suppose it depends how long it takes weight gain to register. If there is a 3 week delay on wine, cheese and cake showing on the scales then I am fucked – by Saturday I shall be 25st! I still regret nothing, the banoffee pie was totally worth it. I probably should also admit that I’m not quite as back on the wagon as I should be, my legs are sort of dangling over the back. I am okay with this though. Like anything you take a break from, you need to ease your way back into it – so I’m doing this by having more yogurts, and sometimes – cream cheese on crackers. I know. I’m a wild thing!

My main worry at the minute is that fat club planner says I will not reach my goal weight till October. This is of no use to me as October next year is my wedding. September was cutting it fine as it was! I’m still planning to go dress shopping in March/April (6 months before the big day) by which time I should be around 16st. That’s 3st less that I am now which is relatively doable, and will hopefully translate to the loss of a fair few dress sizes. I want to be a size 14 for my wedding. That is the goal! Must be better!

Much love,


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