Weigh Day: +1

 This is not a surprise. Last week I discovered I’m going to be out of a job soon, so ate plenty of sugar and drank plenty of cider and plenty of wine to aid in my grieving process. So really, I’m lucky I only gained a pound! I am actually quite proud in how little I went off the rails, in real terms I had a McDonald’s Big Mac Meal with a milkshake, and a chicken kebab the following day. The fact I managed to resist the pull of Dominoes Stuffed Crust is a minor miracle AND I’m still able to say I am -4st. Oh yeah!

This week so far I’m being better and have stopped the comfort eating. I ordered a load of new recipe books so I’m trying new things and made meatloaf for the first time over the weekend! Not all the recipes are slimming world friendly but with a few substitutions you can make a lot of them pretty much syn free. Tonight I am making Chicken Tagine with preserved lemons. It sounds delicious and I’m really looking forward to it. This is my life now. Planning my meals and getting excited about cooking! 

At least I have something to get excited about…

Much love,


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