Weigh Day: -4

 I have come to the conclusion that I am currently all over the place; if I could just get 2 consecutive losses, that would be great! At the moment I’m feeling a lot like a yo-yo and tbh, I’m over that now! It’s getting closer to my wedding (less than a year!) and I can’t afford to take my foot off the gas! 

Last week I was super well behaved! I didn’t eat the Halloween sweets we bought for the trick or treaters, and there were no takeaways in sight! This week… Well this week I have not been so good! It all started with the roast: calorific gravy and lashings of butter in the mashed swede. This was followed by my finally giving in to the leftover Halloween sweets (which was all of them as we had 0 trick or treaters), and now I can’t stop chowing down on the sweets my boss brought into work! They are super addictive! Urgh. I’m so close to being in the 18 bracket that I just know I shall be really pissed off if/when my sweet cravings this week set me back.

Oh and speaking of set backs – It’s that time again. You know, “that” time! I’m bloated and sore! AND! Its been assignment week so I was up till 2am this morning typing shite about a depressing play where everyone dies! AND! I just want to go back to bed *sigh*. I am very grumpy! 

So, to conclude. I’m pretty confident that getting into the 18s will be a goal for next week as myself has conspired against myself. And people on the train are really annoying! You are sat next to each other. Do you really need to talk so damned loudly?! 

No love,


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