Weigh Day: -1

Well I did it. Just! I was confident that the Halloween sweets, roast lamb and Mother Nature had all conspired against me – but no! I reign victorious over the scales! I made it into the 18 bracket! Hoorah! I am hoping to get a bit more comfortably into said bracket this week, and considering how good I have been (thus far), I think it’s a distinct possibility! 

With my wedding now less than a year away (how did that happen?!), I’m starting to feel some time pressure! I always said that I would lose weight for my wedding, and I clearly have (4st peeps!), I’m just worried that by the time I get to the aisle I won’t be where I want to be (weight/size wise that is)! Time is ticking away and I’m starting to panic! Trouble is there’s little I can do about it, I don’t want to lose more than 2lb a week (I will not be a flying squirrel!) and I’m currently still averaging that. I guess what will be will be. As long as I end up with a ring on my finger and married to my Daniel, I would happily get married in a black sack. 

Much love,

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