Weigh Day: -2

I fail at writing these things on time. Sorry about that. I’m always busy over the weekend and what with studying (by which I mean Black Ops 3), I’m even worse these days! So. To the weigh in! The scales continue to move in the right direction which is good! I think I’m still a little behind where I should be if I want to make 12st by October but 12st is a tad unrealistic anyway, I think it’s much more likely I shall make it 14st and hover there. I’m quite tall so I don’t want to look sticky, I do want some meat left on the bones! 

I’ve been quite good so far this week, mum is coming up Thursday for our yearly trip to the craft and Christmas show so I’m saving my syns for the all the cheese and wine tasters. And the mead. I love Lyme Bay Christmas mead. I think I might still make a loss Saturday but we shall have to see. Mum will be eating slimming world friendly meals while she’s here so really it’s just the wine that will need to be counted! My life is so dull. 

Much love,


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