Weigh Day: +1

Greetings from the train to work! Once again, I have spectacularly failed at writing this post on time. I do feel though that I had good reason this time. Last weekend my mum came to visit so we could attend the Christmas Event at the Excel and just do mother/daughter activities. It was a lot of fun! The picture above is perhaps overstating my University Challenge prowess, I vaguely recall flipping it over to 1 so people wouldn’t think I was an idiot. I say vaguely, I was rather drunk at the time; 3 bottles of red, a bottle of mead and a bottle of strawberry wine does that to people. To be honest, last weekend was not a good weekend for Slimming World and me. Not only was there much wine, there was much food! We didn’t ever have ‘dinner’ as such, but picked at olives, cheese and crackers, cheese twists, meat and so on. I dug right into the cheese. I miss cheese so much. As a consequence, I have naturally paid the price with the gain of 1lb. All things considered, it could be worse. Like I could be losing my job. Oh no. Wait. No. That is happening as well. On the bright side, today I find out when I’m losing my job. I’m still very pissed off about this! 

Much love,


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