Weigh Day: -3

I did so well last week, not that it matters of course as this week has gone disastrously wrong in the food department! I was soup-er good last week with my soup (see what I did there?!), and I think that’s what saw the dramatic loss! I was very pleased with this, which kind of set me up for this week where I expect a gain!
Wednesday was my birthday, I have reached the grand age of 28! I’m feeling a lot more adult, I might even get myself a pipe. The trouble is that this means my week has so far consisted of chips, Indian, McDonald’s, 2 roast dinners, birthday cake and cheese. Not the most diet friendly of foods. I’m okay with this though! I’ve had bit of a splurge for my birthday, and I’m okay with that! I don’t expect a loss, maybe a gain, but Saturday shall see me back on the wagon and continuing to go for it! 

Anyway! My birthday! I had a lovely birthday 🙂 Dan spoilt me written and bought me a telescope! So far I have only been able to see the moon, but I’m looking at joining a local astronomy club and taking it up as a serious hobby. I wish I could go up into space! I’ve always been bit of a nerd, I’m so looking forward to finding the rings of Saturn that the current cloud cover is actually depressing me! 

So that’s it from me, here is a picture I took of the moon with my phone!

Much love,


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