Happy New Year

This was the car packed up for Christmas. Nothing says Christmas like bags for life. Anyway, I have returned! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since my last post, to be fair though I have been extremely busy with Christmas in Northampton followed by second Christmas in Swindon followed by New Years in London. A lot of travelling in a very short space of time – and a lot of food and drink. It would be a lie to suggest I took anything in moderation, I ate and drank like a fucking champion! It was amazing! There was cheese, and wine, and chocolate, and wine, and quality street, and cheese, 2 Christmas dinners, and wine, a 3 course meal at Frankie and Bennys and a whole white chocolate Toblerone (which I ate in a day!). I figured I will lose anything I put on, and as its my last Christmas as an unmarried woman (this is my excuse), I felt it best to go out I style. 

Sooooo weight. Well. I may have been absent the last 3 weeks, but I’ve been weighing in like a good fat club member (with the exception of Boxing Day). It’s been up, down and back up again since then, but it works out at around 4lbs as a gain over the Christmas week. December wasn’t a good month for me and fat club but that’s okay, I’m back with it. I’d like to drop a stone by March for when I go wedding dress shopping, and hopefully get down to 14-15st by the wedding. Admittedly, this is bit of a push but I’m quietly confident that if I’m really good I can get there. I have busted out the fruit and vegetables and rid the fridge of cheese. For work lunch today I even have salad, it was supposed to be soup but that didn’t work out. Long story. 

So. There we are. That’s me all caught up, now I just need to get through my first day back at work. I hate my job. If I didn’t have it I could still be in bed. Why will no one pay me to sleep?! 

Much love,


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