Weigh Day: -4

So like the fool I am, I didnt notice that last weeks post didnt post. Fail. So, here it is!

I did well last week 🙂 that’s most of my Christmas weight gone, and I’d say I was on track to lose some more of it this week. I was 18st 7lb at my lowest before Christmas, so that’s what we are aiming to get back to! It’s a plan! I think part of last weeks stellar success was due to me being in panic mode and trying to exist on salad. Didn’t work. I was making grilled cheese sarnies every night after salad dinner because I was so damned hungry! This week I’m no longer in a panic, so it’s sausage casserole with home made chips! Seriously, the recipe is on here – go make it! It’s the most amazing casserole recipe ever! The soup making has also continued for lunch, this weeks soups will be green. My work wife is not loving my soup so far this week (Spring Vegetable), she says it smells. To be honest, it does a bit – but it’s actually really nice and tasty. Tonight I shall be making pea and mint! My life is many things, but never is it dull!

Speaking of things not being dull – wedding planning! This has kicked up a knotch and now we are actually planning a wedding, rather than just sitting around waiting for things to magically happen on their own. This Saturday we are going cake tasting (guilt free cake? yes please!), and I don’t think I have been more excited for a Saturday! We also booked a photographer who has some really lovely photos on his website, which is good. So yeah. Slowly counting down the days to the wedding!!

And now here we have this week…

As I write this, I should be studying. I have an assignment due on the 21st of the month, and I’ve not even read the Chapters yet. Why do I suck so much at this? Oh yes. Because I would rather play on my xbox, I’m going to see if I can get Tuesday off as emergency leave but I doubt it. Anyway, go me and the weight loss 🙂 I am not lighter than I was before Christmas, and feel I am back on track! Considering that I drank my own body weight in cocktails on Friday night, this is nothing short of a miracle. They had this cocktail called ‘Tarte Tatin’, which did actually taste of apple tart. It was amazing! I don’t go out too often but I had a really nice time. I like most of the people I work with so it was good to go out with them all socially. Well, some of them. I have also discovered a new recipe for the most AMAZING soup I have ever had, it’s Thai Chicken and Sweet Potato and it’s worth every syn for the curry paste and coconut cream. I’d eat it by the bucket if I thought Dan would let me. Speaking of Dan, we went cake tasting on Saturday. That right there was my weekly syn allowance on 4 cupcakes! I was just sad that there was only 1 of each, the raspberry and white chocolate one was gorgeous, but the raspberry and champagne was divine. I have to choose now. I hate choice! Now that is out of the way though, I can go back to focusing on the diet! I’m trying on wedding dresses  in 3 weeks (OMG!) and I need to get a shape by then! I’m thinking of actually buying a body shaper to pull me in, That might make things look better given I’m wanting to lose another 4st for the big day!

Anyway, I need to go start studying or I am going to fail my course!

Much love,



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