Facebook Drama: Recipegate

So I’ve been neglecting the random diet musings I’ve had lately on my blog, it’s just been never ending weigh day posts! Very dull! I blame it on being busy. So! Today I’m going to talk about something that has been making me laugh (a lot!) and share it with you all, whilst travelling home listening to the Backstreet Boys. I love you Kevin.

This is Kevin. 

Anyway… A few weeks ago, I joined some dieting Facebook groups with the sole  intention of meeting other fat people to miss pizza with, get some new recipe ideas and generally just ‘diet’. Facebook, being Facebook, has hundreds and hundreds of dieting groups! I’m quite a believer in numbers, so I duly signed up to the ones with the most members. More members equals more recipes equals more sympathy for my pizza cravings. Winning. What I didn’t realise is that more people also equals more drama! Seriously, I was expecting lots of nice supporting posts and general diet crap, I was not expecting accusations of sabotage, spying and theft! It’s like Game of Thrones meets Fat Club, these groups are filled with endless misery and betrayal. Who knew that dieters could be so damned miserable and angry? The slightest provocation on these groups soon descends into name calling and some really bitchy behaviour. Case and point, ‘Recipegate’.

To provide some context to the epic saga about to unfold, basically, this woman posted a recipe, which ended up being posted on someone else’s page. Obviously, war was the only possible outcome.

So. Cook Me Slim posted this recipe that ended up on the Hangry Monsters page without referencing her.  Cook Me Slim was not pleased and decided to get all passive aggressive about it. 

Somehow, word of this post got back to the accused (Hangry Monsters),who retaliated with her own passive aggressive post, which paraphrased reads ‘Cook Me Slim is a twat’. The gauntlet had been thrown down!

At this point, Cook Me Slim went back to her people to complain. Of course, her people were appropriately sympathetic to her cause, and quickly rallied to her side in order to prepare for battle!

A formal declaration of war was then swiftly issued.

However. What the Cook Me Slim alliance had failed to realise, was that as their group was public, news of their invasion had already reached Hangry Monsters. As such, the attack was prevented.

With their surprise attack foiled, the Cook Me Slim alliance were left with no choice but to put their faith in the power of Copyright Infringement.

The end.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly thrilled that my weekly meals no longer consist of at least 3-4 takeaways, chocolate and frijj chocolate fudge milkshakes, but I don’t think I’ve turned into a complete twat! The sad thing about this, is that this is literally just today’s example! The level of drama on these dieting groups is ridiculous! I’ve seen people post pictures of smoothies they have made, only to be ridiculed by the masses for not including the right kind of milk. Dieting isn’t easy and slimming world is kind of confusing to the newbie. I don’t understand why a group of women all in the same boat can’t just be nice and supportive to each other.

Obviously, it’s not all bad. The majority of people in these groups are just like me – they’re happy to offer help and support to anyone who needs it, I just fail to understand why everyone on the group can’t be like that! I also understand why Cook Me Slim was so annoyed at not being credited, and I do think the Hangry Monsters reaction was a bit OTT – but these are 2 fully grown women. Surely they could have settled this without name calling and allowing it to degenerate into what it did. Obviously I’ve only posted the main stuff – but there was some really offensive things written about both of these women on their respective groups. Is there a need for that? No.

Of course, the only logical conclusion is that they are mad because they are hungry!

Much love,


  2 comments for “Facebook Drama: Recipegate

  1. January 21, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    Love this! I also follow a slimming group on facebook and people properly cause arguments over petty things, such as someone not giving them a recipe for a post. I just lurk on the pages to see if i see anything nice! x


    • Jo
      January 21, 2016 at 9:13 pm

      I’m bit of a lurker, I post sometimes but not very often! 🙂 x


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