Weigh Day: -1

Apparently, women are embarrassed about having periods. This is something I never knew. I was browsing my fb diet groups looking for recipes and whatever, and I saw a lot of “star week” posts. I had no idea wtf this meant. I scrolled through the comments, and apparently, because women are to embarrassed to say “I’m on my period”, they say “it’s star week”. The thing is, once you know that “star week” means “period”, you may as well just say period. I don’t get it. 

Firstly, these SW groups are predominantly women, so it’s not like we’re going to be delicate about it. We get them to. Secondly, what is there to even be embarrassed about? It’s not like it’s a state secret that we have them! It’s like breastfeeding, for some reason women seem to have developed this weird sense of shame for carrying out perfectly natural bodily functions. That’s not to say I want a detailed account of your latest bowel movement, but if you want to tell me you didn’t lose much this week because you’re period came, that’s okay. Don’t look at me all sheepish and harp on about star week. Anyway.

So. I didn’t lose much this week because my period came. A day early. FML! On the bright side, hopefully it will have fucked off by Saturday when I go wedding dress shopping. I also think it unlikely there will be much of a loss this week due to the family coming for dress shopping, and secondly, I’m eating everything in sight as its “star week” (I mean really?! Star week?!). At the weekend Dan and I got a toastie maker, so I made a pizza toastie and a chocolate toastie for pudding. Then Sunday I made myself a microwaveable brownie. It was soooooo good!! I also did a sneaky way in this morning and it’s not looking good. Stupid period. 

In other news:

Work has been taxing of late. Last week it literally drove me to drink. 3 cubanistas later though, and I can assure you that the world seemed like a much better place!

Dan got me a Fitbit! When I restart on the elliptical (remember Carole?) next week, it tracks stuff! I need to restart exercise next week. This wedding of mine is coming up whether I’m ready or not. Though tbf, at this point I think we’re nearly ready! Go us!

Much love,


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