Weigh Day: +3

 Urgh! Last week! Not good! Well, I say that – but I suppose that’s not entirely true. In terms of food, the whole of last week was shockingly poor, I only really got back on plan yesterday! For starters, last week was that time of the month, and I ate everything I could get my hands on! I kept making myself chocolate mug brownies and I ate God knows how many packets of BBQ Beef Hula Hoops. It was obscene! It was just a very trying week. Then on Thursday, things went from bad to worse! My friend came down for wedding dress shopping, and as she arrived late a McDonalds was obviously the only option. On Friday, my mum, sister and niece arrived. This meant Friday night consisted of Indian takeaway and wine. Lots of wine. On Saturday, lunch was left over takeaway, and dinner was fish and chips. Yes. Not good. Then Sunday was the Superbowl! We love the Superbowl in our house, so to go along with it we ordered Dominoes pizza. Although! Id like to highlight how good I was at not ordering ice cream. Yes. I successfully managed to not cross the line…. Hmmm. Anyway! My friend left on Monday, and I was shattered. Dan was pretty tired to, the Superbowl didn’t end till about 4, so we decided as Dan had missed the very nice Indian on Friday, we would treat ourselves to an Indian again on Monday night. So yes. 5 takeaway over 5 days. Not only did this fuck up last week (though I am totally blaming the period for that!), it’s no doubt also going to fuck up this week.

On the bright side, I did find and order my wedding dress 🙂 it’s so pretty! Given Dan reads my blog I can’t tell you anything about it, I will just say that I love it! I also ordered some wedding shoes yesterday so that I can start finding a nice pair. I’m not bothered about designer labels or anything like that, my feet are actually too big for most designer shoes anyway! Fucking feet! 

In other news, I have took back up the cross trainer and I’m pedalling as fast as my stumpy legs will carry me! I managed 11km last night over 30 minutes, ofc the Fitbit recorded this as 2km. Ain’t going to lie. I was not overly impressed by this. The Fitbit is designed to track an elliptical workout… I’m not sure how it could have possibly failed quite so hard! Ah well, I’ll try again tonight and see how we get on. Whilst I’m obviously happy to finally be back to getting fit, it’s annoying to know that my weight loss is going to rapidly slow. This always happens to me! I seem to be incapable of exercising and losing weight to the same degree. I know muscle weighs more that fat. I know I should check measurements rather than the scales. Doesn’t make it easier. It still pisses me off! It’s also irritating to see people who have lost as much weight as I have, and have gone from size 28s to size 12s. Im happy for them – but at the same time, I have dropped 2-3 sizes! Where are my size 12s?! Urgh! Annoying! 

Much love,


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