Weigh Day: -1


Whilst this may not seem like a huge loss, considering last weekends ‘5 takeaways in 5 days’ – I’m happy to see any movement on the scales! Speaking of scales, I have also started making use of the feature on mine that allows me to measure my body fat. I’m hopeful that when the scales stall (as they inevitably will when I exercise!), the body fat will continue dropping. This is the plan.


I’d be lying if I said the plan for this week got off to a flying start! On Saturday, Dan and I decided to cook a 3-course meal so we could spend Sunday lying in bed. For starters, we had Thai Dumplings with Coriander Dipping Sauce. They were epic. I loved them. We steamed them in the bamboo steamer we bought and everything! The best part is how diet-friendly they were, aside from the oil in the mix and the oil we used to fry off the bottoms (barely 1tbsp), there was nothing in there that was not a free food.


For the main, we cooked a Vietnamese Lamb Shank. Again, this was basically free food, aside from the sugar and the oil we used to fry the lamb (also barely 1tbsp). We cooked it for an hour or so longer than we needed to, but it was gorgeous. The lamb really did fall off the bone and there was this beautiful spicy flavour to the lamb and the potatoes. It’s definitely one to make again – and tbh, if we weren’t indulging ourselves (as it was Valentine’s Day), both dishes could be made entirely free.

Lamb Shank

So really, up till this point things were going well. Where things went not so well was dessert. Say hello to my little friend, Lemon Drizzle Cake with a Blueberry Compote. This is not a diet friendly recipe. This is not one of those where I have substituted lots of stuff to make something that vaguely looks and tastes like cake. This is proper cake, with flour, eggs, sugar, butter and lemons. It was beautiful. I ate about half the damn thing between Saturday night and Sunday night.


I have no regrets about what I ate. I suppose I should also include I have no regrets about what I drank either… a few gin and slim line tonics (the best alcoholic diet drink there is) and a bottle of wine. Having written that down, that doesn’t actually look so terrible… I find this strangely comforting. The thing is, I have always said that when the occasion arises, I will relax the rules of fat club. Now the weekend is behind us, I am back on plan and looking forward to getting stuck in on the elliptical this evening for my 30 minute workout (okay, that’s a complete lie). I’ve sorted out a plan involving alternations between the elliptical and toning. I’m going to dig out the exercise ball as well so I can start toning – my arms are starting to look proper flabby… it’s not a great look!


OH! In other news! Despite my constant complaints that I don’t feel any smaller… The time had come for me to replace my trusted size 24 trousers! When I first bought them, they were too tight. When I finally managed to put them on, I was so excited! I felt like I’d make progress. Slooooowly, they got baggier and baggier, and it got so bad that my work friends were mocking me about how loose they were. So. The time had come to replace them. I dutifully visited Evans over the weekend (the only place I trust for black trousers I will never need to iron), and grabbed a pair of size 22’s. I felt as the 24’s were too big, a size 22 was the most reasonable place to start. Imagine my joy when I discovered the 22’s were also too big and I needed 20’s. Oh yeah! So! I am now a 20 on the top and a 20 on the bottom – down from a 26 on the bottom and a 24 on the top – this is progress! Hopefully, by the wedding I will be somewhere around a 16, that’s where I really want to be. Then I can have my dress taken in, and wear lovely cocktail dresses on my cruise… 7 months to go!!


Much Love,


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  1. February 15, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    You can do this. Keep up the good work!


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