Weigh Day: -2

Firstly, I should explain the absence of a weigh day post from last week. This was due to technical difficulties. Somehow, I managed to delete my progress tracker thing, so had to manually go back and add  it allwhich was too awkward to do on my phone, and I couldn’t do it at work because I’m far too busy. However, I have now sorted the problem, so I can fill you in on the excitement that is my life! 

So, going back to the weekend before last – I can’t really remember a great deal, I vaguely recall being good after my mini meltdown and successfully lost a pound. Go me. Dan was away for the weekend, but I didn’t use this as a chance to cheat without judgment! I made myself good, sensible meals and ate properly. Hooray! 

As for this week, this week I was super good apart from some flapjacks on Monday and Tuesday. I can resist many things, not including flapjacks! On Friday my friend came down, and we ate properly. Go us. On Saturday we went to the O2 to see the XFactor live shows. I was very good again, I drank water and didn’t buy ice cream, candy floss, or popcorn! That was quite an accomplishment! We had a couple glasses of red wine with dinner (again, fat club friendly) but that was it! Yesterday, I was struck down by “that time of the month”, so we ordered a Burger King which sufficed as lunch/dinner. I wasn’t hungry afterwards at all. Which to be honest was quite lucky really, as we currently have bare minimum food in the house. So. All in all, a good week last week! Perhaps not the finest start to this week, but I feel that as long as I’m sensible for the rest of the week, it shouldn’t be an issue! Fact! 

Much love,


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