Weigh Day: 0

  Deserved! Actually, this is something of a let off! Considering I wasn’t great last week due to that time of the month and my friend visiting, I’ll take anything that isn’t a gain! This week has got off to a much better start, not perfect, just much better. Yesterday there was bit of a wobble as I comfort ate my way through 2 curly wurlys and some vanilla wafer thing but I’m not counting them. I needed comfort and food is my friend! I’m also going for cake on Friday with my beloved work friend which will be nice, and then my other beloved work friend is having a birthday meal Saturday. So basically, it’s all going tits up at the weekend! Never mind. There’s still a lot that I can lose in 7 months. I just need to remain motivated. 

In other news, our cruise has published the trips for holiday. Dan and I went through them at the weekend, picking the ones we fancied. Given today is pay day, I shall be booking them in this evening. Sometimes, I still can’t believe this is happening. It still seems really far away (wedding is 1st October incase you forgot!), but at the same time it’s round the corner! I’m so looking forward to the honeymoon! It’s been ages since Dan and I went away, it should be amazing! 

Anyway, this train is filling up so I’m off. 

Much love,


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