Why the month of May needs to fuck off and do one! 

Dear blog,

I’m sorry for neglecting you, it’s been a shit month. First there was work. Lots of it. You would think that being made redundant was a simple case of sitting there and waiting to meet your replacement. It’s not. It’s planning, planning and more planning. Guess which lucky girl is spending 3 nights a week in Warrington from 6th June? This girl. Oh yeah. Let’s throw a fucking party! 

Second, there was family. Let’s just say, I felt a bit let down. I was sad. I whined at everyone I know. I’m over it now. Well maybe not, but I’m not whining out loud so I think it totally counts! 

Finally, Snuffles died. I loved our fur baby. Now we have no fur babies. We just have fish and an orchid that I’m fighting to keep alive. I say fighting as my track record with plants is awful. 
So there we are. May = Shit. That being said, I have finally ordered my wedding ring, and Dan has even picked his up! This is progress! The only thing left to sort out are the dresses for the bridesmaids, suits for Dan and the best man, favours and the standard makeup/hair trials. Im very excited for the hair trial given my technical hair abilities start and finish with ‘a brush’. I also have my exam coming up on the 1st June which will be a fucking disaster as I didn’t bother to read a substantial amount of the set books or module books. Bare minimum, that’s me! Happily I have booked off some time before the exam to revise. Not that it’s going to help, my exam record is horrendous. 

In terms of food. It’s been a disaster. I’ve been eating sensibly since Monday (yes, 2 days out of 23 so far), so I’ve got 4 months to shed for the wedding… And the plane seat. I do not want an extender! I feel I should also mention that I’ve been to the gym twice this week… See pit stains below. 

The thing I am most proud of today though is that I went to the gym on my own. This is probably nothing to most people, but I’m super proud of myself. I had the option to pussy out, but I manned up and went to do 30 minutes of cross training to 120 bpm music on intensity level 10-16. On my own. No one held my hand. I had no safety net. I shifted my flabby ass besides the buff, the toned and the incredibly attractive! If I was ever going to sexually harass someone, it would have been today. The current gym plan is 3 days toning and 2 days cardio – I feel this is a good spread so I’m only spending 1hr tops in the gym per day. This means I do not get home late, so I don’t wind up resentful! I’m a woman on a mission! I’m also going to weigh myself Saturday in the first time for a while. Hopefully it’s not too bad 😳😳

Much love,


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