Dear Mr Fuck Fat People

Dear Mr Fuck Fat People,

Thank you for your recent comment on my blog post about the evils of manspreading. Your views have been noted. I was pleased to note you thought the man from the photo “looks daddy as fuck” (though if you could clarify what that is supposed to mean I’d be grateful), but a little concerned to read “fuck you if you have a problem with this”. Admittedly, this comment did not concern me as much as your choice of screen name “Fuck Fat People”. I could lecture you at this point, I could go off on some rant about how you’re a total cunt with a small penis (probably)… I could even tell the world your real name as, like the total fucktard you are, you included your email address which is quite clearly your first name and surname – it also tells me you live in Canada. I could post said email on Craig’s list, maybe try to hook you up with some 6ft 300lb biker who’d like nothing more than to tear through your asshole like tissue paper. I could even sign you up to some porn sites which will promise to send you daily photos of naked fat women eating cake. However, and somewhat fortunately for you, I can’t be bothered to do anymore than write this post in your honour!

So, having highlighted to the internet that you’re an asshole, I bid you good day. 
P.S. Fuck you right back. 

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