Weigh Day: -7lbs


Well that was a good start! 7lbs in one week. Jesus. You’d think I’d starved myself, and I honestly didn’t! I had a good breakfast, a filling lunch and a good dinner. I still felt hungry often – this is true, but I think that’s just because I’m adapting to eating less and cut out sugar. I think it also helped that I stuck to my exercise regime, which currently involves following the divine Jillian Michaels while she yells at me. She recommends that you do her DVD 5 days a week, so this evening will be my 5th. I’m going through the 30 Day Beginner Shred at the minute because that seemed like a good place to start given my complete lack of fitness, and so far so good. I don’t finish it feeling like I’m about to die, but some of the strength poses are really tough and I was defo feeling it at the start of the week. I also have the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD which I’m going to incorporate next week to try and make me a bit more flexible. I have the current flexibility of a teaspoon. I watched it through the other day to see what it’s like, and it’s defo a lot harder. I’m pretty sure it’s going to leave me unable to walk when I finally get down to it.

I’m amazed by how easy I found it to stick to this week, I suppose because I no longer have the same temptations. For instance, I now work in the middle of nowhere. There is a canteen, but the food options are limited and nowhere near the same level they were in London. There is also nowhere else to go for food. No Zizzi’s, no Real Greek, no Pizza Express and  no Pubs. Temptation has been drastically reduced. I also shared my dieting with my new team, and I’m relatively confident that they will keep me in check. So, that just leaves being good at the weekends and at home. Dan and I have agreed that he’ll get better at saying ‘No!’ which should help, and I’m also not buying snacky things like biscuits so I don’t just eat them all in a moment of weakness. A few weeks of this and I should be able to resist! I just need to make sure I’m as good when I go out places.

I’m hoping to have another good week this week, I have my exercise planned, food planned and nowhere to go. I lead an exciting life.

Speaking of which, I need to go and make some soup for lunch and for the week!

Much love,





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